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Summer Cooking

Good Morning Dealers!

It's summer solstice this week, marking the official beginning of summer. It's a great time to sell fire pits to anyone who has yet to get one for the summer grilling season!


One thing we've been thinking a lot about this spring is displays, and how we can make it easier for you to set up an attractive and effective display. The main things we've been looking at is what we can do to make displays clearer, more attractive, more educational, and more efficient as far as floor space. 

As we continue to work on this, let me know what your thoughts are. What would you like to see us do to make displays easier and better for you? Are there specific things you've thought of that would help? Shoot over an email or give me a call with any suggestions.


One thing we love to do here at Breeo through the spring and summer is lunch cookouts, where everyone brings in some meat or veggies to cook over the fire, and we all gather around over lunch and cook our food. 

Give it a try some time with your team! Nothing gets people excited about a Breeo fire pit like a perfect fire-seared rib eye, plus its a great way to relax a bit during the workday and do something together as a team.


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