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Using Breeo's Social Media Presence

The Fourth is here, and along with it, the heart of grilling season and lots of opportunity for engagement with customers!


We're always looking to engage better with our customers, and social media is a huge part of that. As most of you probably have seen, we put a lot of effort into our social media presence, with the hope of engaging better with customers, drawing them in, and directing them to you. 

This can help you out a lot, especially if you take advantage of it by engaging with us on social media. We love when our dealers tag us in social media posts, and we'll do the same for you, just be sure to tag us with on Instagram or @breeo on Facebook so that we can see it and share it.

Jonathan made a video giving a great outline on how to do social media well, which you can check out below if you haven't seen it already. This'll give you a great primer for what to focus on and put your energy into.

Hope everyone has a great 4th! As always, reach out anytime you need anything.


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